Part 1 of the series of compilations, this time on a deeper note, featuring Antonio Vázquez, Confluence, Kanthor and label boss Relic Radiation. Tape is available here!

This release, part 1 of joint project between Victor Martinez' label Psychoskunk and Relic Radiation's imprint La Notte di Architetto -- a 30 minute techno/noise mini album by Relic Radiation, continuing with the firm sound of the label. Buy here!

A 40-min long techno march, fierce, cold and leaving no alternatives behind, by mysterious harbinger Antimonium! Buy here.

Creepy journey to the scary subconscious by Victor Martinez (aka Error Etica / Psychoskunk Recordings) and his new project Slaughtered Saint! Buy here.

Happy to announce our first release in 2016: 'Congregatio', mini-album by Relic Radiation and Modvs. Sinking deeper into the concealed innermost of human mind resulted in these obscure techno/industrial soundscapes. Buy the tape here!

2nd installment of our 'live' series, 20 minute session recorded by Relic Radiation, including forthcoming remix by gorgeous Giorgio Gigli. Download for free or buy the tape here!

New EP by Relic Radiation, following the concepts of `Fracture' LP released earlier this year: dark droning textures, lofi percussions and smashing beats. Buy here.

Extracts from live recording, performed by Skripp & Relic Radiation on Feb 2015, edited and processed by Skripp on Aug 2015. Cat no: LNDx1. Buy here!

Dark droning techno album by Relic Radiation and Skripp, 10 tunes, 50 minutes on pro-dubbed C50 tapes + digital on bandcamp! Check the 'Fracture' LP here or on readymade.

Second release is now available here! Drone/ambient/industrial soundscapes by Skripp, limited edition C20 tape.

Short live performance by Relic Radiation recorded MMXIV.XI. Enjoy! Also available as limited edition C-20 cassette on our bandcamp.

Presenting the first release of new techno/experimental/drone/dark ambient label: La Notte di Architetto × A, featuring tunes by A//O and Relic Radiation. Out on C-20 cassette.
You can buy it here.

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